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Monolec Turbine Oil (6461-6463)

Steam, Combined Cycle and Hydro Turbine Oil

Product Description

Monolec Turbine Oil (6461-6463) is highly effective for steam, hydro and gas turbine applications. It reduces varnish, reduces water contamination, lengthens equipment life and extends drain intervals. It is a premium, high-performance turbine oil with excellent water separation characteristics, rust and oxidation inhibitors, and improved wear-reducing properties. Its proprietary formula consists of select low-volatility base fluids enhanced with a synergistic mix of high-performance additives.


Beneficial Qualities

  • Exhibits excellent thermal stability and provides long-term oxidation resistance and thermal stability
  • Resists formation of varnish and sludge
  • Reduces water contamination by readily separating from water
  • Provides excellent resistance to foaming due to rapid air release properties
  • Imparts superior rust protection and maintains a superior film strength
  • Protects thrust plates in bearings
  • Is easily filtered for long-term oil cleanliness


Typical Applications 

Steam turbines, hydro turbines, gas turbine generators, circulating oil systems, centrifugal compressors, other long-service-life applications