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Our brands

HAP Services

Oil Analysis Programme

Hexagon Europe lubricant tests are well-known in many countries around the world for their significance in improving the total maintenance cost in every organization! Hexagon Europe has been developing its proprietary software monitoring programmes for years

  • Storage and handling surveys of lubricants
  • On-site training in lubrication maintenance practices
  • On-site sampling of used lubricants
  • Low cost and response time

Analytical Ferrography

Hexagon Europe in collaboration with Lubrication Engineers’ Inc laboratories & research and technology departments in Kansas conducts, among other things, highly specialized lubricant analysis and measurements, as an additional service in every industry.

These are highly specialized analyzes that identify, among other things, the mechanism of damage to a machine (pitting, spalling, scoring, etc.).


  • Product: HAP Oil Analysis
    Company: Heavy Industry-Mine

    We are very pleased with Hexagon Europe’s oil analysis program. Especially from the explanation of the results and recommended actions, as well as the onsite support, which we consider very important.

  • Product: Q Astro XP
    Company: Plastic industry

    We are very satisfied with the use of Q Astro. Its use in our gearboxes has led to a significant reduction in operating temperatures, which shows a reduction in friction.

  • Product: Spillaway Fleetkleen
    Company: Heavy Industry - Packaging materials

    We are very satisfied with the use of Fleetkleen. The consistent and continuous use of FleetKleen on the company’s industrial floors resulted in the cleaning of the surfaces’ breaking down of the oily texture so that the floors do not slip. Dust does not stick to the floors while these remain clean and non-slip for significantly longer periods of time.

  • Product: MAK Rex cleaning & degreaser
    Company: Quarry - Ready Mix

    The results of using MAK Rex are very positive. Using MAK Rex with a pressure washer, results in the easy and quick cleaning of oils, greases, dust, and cement, in vehicles, floors, walls, metal surfaces, etc.

  • Product: Almagard 3752
    Company: Shipping

    We are very happy with the use of Almagard 3752. It stays for long periods on the windlasses without washing away by sea water or pounding out by shock loads.

  • Product: Duolec IGO 1606
    Company: Heavy industry-Metallurgy

    We used Duolec IGO 1606 in a gearbox with a confirmed problem, resulting in reduced vibration and operating temperatures. Monitoring the oil with oil analysis, helped to keep the oil for over 10 years without any indication for an oil change.

  • Product: Monolec 8800
    Company: Quarry

    We are very pleased with the use of Monolec Ultra 8800 in our quarry vehicle engines. It has helped to increase the useful life of the engines, as well as to significantly extend oil change intervals, monitoring them with Hexagon’s oil analysis program.

  • Product: Pyrohield 9011
    Company: Heavy industry-Metallurgy

    The use of Pyroshield 9011 has resulted in a very large reduction in oil consumption. We are impressed by how sticky the oil is, it doesn’t come off anywhere, while at the same time, it is transparent and we can inspect the gears.

  • Product: Multilec 6801
    Company: Heavy industry - Glasswork

    The results from using Multilec 6801 in our air compressors are spectacular!

    We monitor the application with Hexagon Europe’s oil analysis program and the oil life has exceeded 70,000 hours of operation!

    We are really impressed.

  • Product: Viper WRL
    Company: Shipping

    We are very happy with the use of the lubricator. All of our ships have reported ease of use and are satisfied. We are also very pleased with Hexagon’s after-sales support, especially with their help in tracking the spares.

  • Product: Delta Xero
    Company: Heavy Industry-Recycling

    Very efficient filtration system, we are very pleased. We use it to clean hydraulic oils and have seen significant improvements in our hydraulic systems.