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Automatic Lubrication Systems

A well-planned and executed centralized automatic lubrication system is a labor- and money-saving solution. It can save on the amount of lubricant used, eliminate downtime caused by improper lubrication, and can increase safety at your facility.

With the right system for your application, you can eliminate the inefficient hit-or-miss method of manual lubrication and the excessive costs of time-consuming lubrication routes and PMs.

Variety of automatic lubrication systems offer many benefits

Centralized auto lube systems are used in a broad array of industrial applications, such as mining, steel, paper, food & beverage, agriculture, packaging, and mobile on- and off-road equipment. Key to their popularity is that they improve the lubrication reliability practices of the organization while protecting the equipment.

Benefits of automatic lube systems include:

  • Eliminating machine downtime associated with manual lubrication
  • Reducing cross-contamination caused by lubricant mixing
  • Eliminating the problems of over greasing, under greasing or not greasing at all
  • Ensuring applications get the precise amount of lubricant they need to operate efficiently at all times
  • Improving safety by keeping maintenance operators away from hazardous areas or hard-to-reach lube points
  • Eliminating lubricant-related housekeeping issues

Is centralized automatic lubrication the right solution?

If you have an application with multiple lubrication points, an automatic lubrication system can help improve the quality of the lubrication to the application, eliminating the safety hazards, time-intensive labor, and mistakes often made with manual lubrication.

If you’re unsure which automatic application method – single-point lubricators or centralized lubrication system – makes the most sense, Lubrication Engineers can help you determine which one best meets your needs. We can examine your situation and determine if a centralized automatic lubrication system is right for your organization. In many cases, the decision is easy because the calculations show an easy ROI to justify the new system.