+ 30 210 5152040 Mon - Fri 08:00 - 16:00 85 Serron str., 104 41, Athens, Greece
+ 30 210 5152040 Mon - Fri 08:00 - 16:00 85 Serron str., 104 41, Athens, Greece
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About Us

Hexagon Europe was founded in Greece in 1989. It is the exclusive distributor and marketeer of the following brands:

Lubrication Engineers®’ (USA) high-performance lubricants designed for heavy industries, the shipping industry, off-road and on-road vehicles and passenger cars,

Viper® WRL, Wire Rope Lubricator (a unique system to lubricate and protect wire ropes of any size,

Spillaway® Projects, bioremediation products that bioremediate oil spills of any kind from soil or the sea,

ΜΑΚ Chem®   with a complete line of chemical cleaning products,

Fluitec® (USA), a producer of varnish removal fluids,

Elix®, waterless hand-cleaning towels and other cleaning substances.

SulNOx®, fuel additives offer responsible solutions towards the decarbonisation of liquid hydrocarbon fuels,

Delta-Xero®,an innovative filtration systems manufacturer of most kinds of fluids and fuels, filtering down to 1μm.

Hexagon Europe has also designed and manufactured Q® Series by Hexagon®, a unique high-quality line of lubricants, including EAL (Environmentally Accepted Lubricants) as well as Stern Tube oils.


Hexagon Europe is responsible for marketing and developing the markets in Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Albania, North Macedonia, Montenegro and Kosovo, Serbia and Romania, whilst the Q® Series by Hexagon® products are available globally.

Hexagon Europe is a reliable high product and services supplier of most heavy industries, construction, food and shipping companies in its territories, with seven major warehouses strategically located globally.

Hexagon Europe offers the most advanced and sophisticated oil analysis programme, HAP™ (Hexagon Analysis Programme™) and is in partnership with Polaris® offering unique oil analysis services and exclusively designed software which is available to all its customers.

We Spread Around The Globe

Hexagon Europe is a proud supplier of almost all the major industries and shipping companies, as well as construction companies in Greece, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Serbia, Romania, Northern Macedonia, and other countries of the Balkan Peninsula.

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