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Q Antares Stern Tube Oils E

Product Description

 Q™ Antares Stern Tube Oil E is a mineral based lubricant specifically designed and manufactured by Hexagon Europe, enriched with additives that assuring effective lubrication when water is present in the system. It offers excellent protection against rust and corrosion and is enriched with high quality antioxidant additives. When excess water is present it forms a stable emulsion that offers excellent protection and increases maintenance intervals. It offers excellent pumpability and filterability.


 Q™ Antares Stern Tube Oil E is suitable for the lubrication of stern tube bearings, where there is a high risk of contamination of the lubricant with water due to normal operation or an unexpected seal failure. Hexagon’s Q™ Antares Stern Tube Oil E is fully compatible with mineral lubricants normally used in the stern tube such as system oil.


Exceptional anti-foam properties.
Efficient anti-oxidant characteristics.
When contaminated with water the product produces a stable emulsion.
In case of emergency, water rates of up to 40% can be handled for short periods of operation.
High quality oils with high natural Viscosity Index.
Compatible with existing lubricants.
Protects white and yellow metals usually used in stern tube bearings.
Increases component life.