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Protect and Extend the Life of Your Machine and Fluid

DECON AO™ is a critical step in our mission to reduce unnecessary oil waste and production by transforming your lubes into Fill4Life fluids. We’ve created proprietary technologies that can both replace depleted antioxidants in oil and eliminate deposits and varnish from the system.


DECON AO Benefits

• Superior seal compatibility compared to mineral oil (change of mass, change of volume, change of modulus, change of strength)
• Excellent oxidation stability and deposit control characteristics
• No adverse impact on the in-service oil’s performance (i.e. air release, foam, Demulsibility, etc.)
• Increases RPVOT results
• Rapid reduction of the oil’s varnish potential as measured by MPC, UC and Particle Counts.
• Excellent oxidation stability and/or deposit control characteristics
• No adverse impact on the in-service oil’s performance (i.e. air release, foam, demulsibility, etc.

Deposit Control Features

• DECON dissolves varnish
• DECON provides an immediate impact on system Decontamination
• DECON protects the oil from forming varnish, providing long-term Deposit Control performance

Eliminate Deposits from Your Fluid and System


Quickly and safely dissolves varnish from the machine internals, increasing the life and performance of the servo-valves, improving the efficiency of heat exchangers and hydrogen seals and removing bearing deposits.

Deposit Control

• Enhances the deposit control performance of in-service fluids
• Long-term system protection against deposits, sludge & varnish

How Antioxidant Replenishment Works

Antioxidant Rebalancing

DECON AO is customized specifically for your oil and designed to rebalance your additive system. The formulation and treat rate are developed based on your original oil formulation and current condition of the in-service oil. The tailored additive components are blended into a concentrate having a similar viscosity of your in-service oil allowing DECON AO to be blended on-site with no special equipment.

Custom Simulation Testing

Fluitec’s scientists have developed a Customized Simulation Test that to ensure maximum compatibility and success prior to considering DECON AO. Simulation Testing includes running a battery of tests on your in-service oil, developing a customized formulation, blending DECON AO at the specified treat rate with your in-service oil and performing compatibility testing according to ASTM D7155.


A true Fill4Life™ system will both replace antioxidants and remove oil degradation byproducts. Fluitec provides DECON AO and ESP technologies to extend the life of your lubricants, converting them into into assets.

DECON AO And ESP Working Together

Through oxidative and thermal stresses, the sacrificial antioxidants in an oil will deplete. The by-product of these processes causes varnish. DECON AO will replenish depleted antioxidants into the oil, however the existing varnish-causing molecules also need to be removed. This is why Fluitec created ESP™. This technology relies on the principles of chemisorption. ESP selectively removes oil degradation products that are in suspension or in solution without disturbing the fluid’s additive system. For optimal performance, ESP media is fully customized for each application and is selected based on oil type and condition.

VITA ESP Systems

Use Fluitec’s VITA ESP™ delivery systems to remove varnish from the oil while DECON AO replenishes the antioxidants.