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+ 30 210 5152040 Mon - Fri 08:00 - 16:00 85 Serron str., 104 41, Athens, Greece
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MAK FOX Mak Chem / MC929

Multi-purpose degreaser

Product Description

A unique multi-purpose, non-flammable degreaser that does not contain any hazardous compounds such as hydroxide, phosphate, or any hydrocarbons. MAK FOX leaves no residue, is completely biodegradable as well as water-dilutable to a 1:100 mix ratio. It is an excellent product for the transition to industry 4.0 as totally safe for operators, the environment, and all delicate surfaces and fabrics. It also has impressive wetting capabilities that make it suitable for every industry, hotels, hospitals, schools, airports, shopping malls & offices, etc. The product has a gel form and can also be used as a detergent in cleaning machines, tunnel washers, hand sprayers, and high-pressure cleaners. A higher liquid temperature of 40-70°C improves its efficiency & effectiveness.

Applications & Benefits

Cleaning of a wide range of surfaces/materials including glass, plastic, wood, vinyl & meta
General floor cleaning (concrete, marble, ceramic, tiles, wood, etc)
Cleaning of vehicles, assembly lines & machine tools
Extremely safe degreaser/cleaner which is totally biodegradable, non-toxic and solvent-free
No dangerous symbols/pictograms or NTA, DTPA, and EDTA compounds
Super concentrated – containing more than 60% active ingredients
Cost-effective – can be used up to 1:100 mix ratio