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Boost VR+

The New Standard in Oil Varnish Removal

Integrated with Solvancer® patent-pending technology, Boost VR+ improves the solubility of the in-service hydraulic oil and as a result, varnish and sludge dissolve back into the oil. Compared to other varnish removal solutions, Boost VR+ creates a cleaner, more cost-effective way of eliminating varnish and extending the life of your machinery.


The Risk-Free Way to Get Rid of Varnish

Boost VR+ reduces your maintenance costs, saves you time, and consequently, generates a bigger bottom line. Apart from effectively eliminating varnish, Boost VR+ doesn’t come with risk. While other oil varnish removal methods run the risk of machine damage, Boost VR+ guarantees a safer and cleaner way.

  • No Need for Flushing – Boost VR+ eliminates the need for potentially hazardous detergent or chemical flushing.
  • Removes Varnish and Sludge through Dissolution – The unique chemistry of Boost VR+ increases oil solvency to re-solubilize deposits
  • Compatible with Your Lubricant – Boost VR+ is compatible with all PAO-based and mineral lubricants
  • Easy to Use – All you need to do is add Boost VR+ to the lube system one month before an oil change and connect an ESP system. Then, at the beginning of your outage, replace your hydraulic fluid.


Deposits Cause Untold Damage

Sludge and varnish are the scourge of industrial plants, as they cause a multitude of problems. These deposits, whether they become a hard crust on the machine or settle as brown, jelly-like grease, interfere with the performance of the hydraulic fluid and the machine, like:

  • Clogging orifices and valves
  • Damaging seals (which lead to a host of problems)
  • Plugging oil filters
  • Exacerbating wear and corrosion of the machine

These inefficiencies cause downtime and lost revenue, while damaged equipment accrues huge repair bill. It’s imperative, therefore, that facilities remove varnish and sludge from machine systems.


But Conventional Solutions Can Be Damaging

To flush out the varnish and sludge from systems, many companies rely on chemical flushing, which contains detergents and dispersants. While chemical flushing is effective at removing deposits, the detergents and dispersants can damage the machine. In fact, even minuscule amounts of these cleaning agents can lead to compatibility problems and threaten the performance of equipment like your turbines or compressor oil.

Boost VR+ eliminates these worries. It’s a varnish removal solution that won’t damage your equipment or hydraulic oil.


Benefits of Using Boost VR+

  • Cleans the internals of your system
  • Increases solubility allowing deposits to be dissolved
  • Improves MPC values
  • Fully compatible – no adverse impact on oil
  • Reduces bearing temperatures
  • No need for chemical / detergent flushing
  • Does not impact outage resources
  • 3 times the value of traditional flushing


How Boost VR+ Works

  • It enhances the solubility of hydraulic fluids, so it re-dissolves the deposits
  • It’s made of specialized synthetic base oil (API GV)
  • It’s fully compatible with your turbine oil
  • It doesn’t have any adverse impact on the oil’s chemical properties, like its seal compatibility and demulsibility


Full Varnish Elimination with Boost VR+ and Fluitec Vita ESP

Boost VR+ works well with any ESP system, but if you want to get the most out of our varnish removal solution, use Boost VR+ alongside the Fluitec Vita ESP. This ESP system selectively removes oil degradation products from the hydraulic oil without interfering with the fluid’s additive system.

Through a process called chemisorption, strong adsorption forces take these damaging contaminants out of the fluid and ensure that they won’t be released back into the oil. The Vita ESP is ideal for critical lubrication systems, minimizing unscheduled shutdowns and ensuring operations remain cost-effective.


Wide Range of Applications

Boost VR+ is used in various machine systems that generate sludge, varnish, and other contaminants. These include turbine systems, centrifugal and axial compressors, boiler feed water pumps, NSF H1 compressors, and more.


Definitive Results

Clients have recorded impressive results. Together with Vita ESP, Boost VR+ reduced offline periods for turbines, stabilized varnish potential levels, and generated significant savings. In many cases, improvements were accomplished without an outage.