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Boost AO

Eliminating Unnecessary Expenses and Oil Waste

Boost AO offers two main advantages to industrial facilities. One, it eliminates the need to change oils because it replenishes the additives and consequently extends the oil’s life. It reduces expenditure and makes operations more cost-effective.

Two, it eliminates unnecessary oil waste. This turbine oil treatment solution helps you do your part in protecting the environment, supporting our Fill4Life™ advocacy.



Fill4Life™ is Here

Boost AO is a critical step in our mission to reduce unnecessary oil waste and production by transforming your lubes into Fill4Life™ fluids. We’ve created a proprietary technology that can replace depleted antioxidants in oil – replenishing bad chemistry with good chemistry. With this oil treatment solution, you save energy, maximize resources, and generate less waste.


Boost AO Benefits for Turbine and Compressor Oil Additives

  • Replenishes and rebalances the additives in the turbine or compressor oil
  • Indefinitely extends the life of your oil
  • Eliminates turbine / compressor oil purchases
  • No oil changes
  • No need for expensive and risky flushes
  • Transforms your oil from a consumable to an asset
  • Guarantee – no risk
  • 100 % success rate
  • Reduces carbon emissions through demand reduction
  • Increases RULER™ test results
  • Increases RPVOT results