Lubrication Engineers truck & vehicle lubricants are known for their very long service life, which can exceed 100,000 km or 1,000 hours of operation when their use is combined with the advanced oil analysis programme designed and developed by Hexagon Europe, (Hexagon Oil Analysis Programme, HAP). The oil life is to be prolonged without compromising the recommended change of oil and air filters recommended by the OEM.

In addition, engines that are monitored by Hexagon Europe engineers and the oil analysis programme for long periods of time, show a significant increase in their useful life, further reducing the overall operating costs.

Corresponding performance and functionality are shown by the lubricating chassis & differential, hydraulic circuits as well as the use of greases for bearings, U-joints, clamps, etc.

They have a very long service life, significantly more than most commercial products (always being monitored with the Hexagon Europe analysis programme).
Lubrication Engineers' greases are known by their tacky texture, very high impact resistance and their ability to separate and keep out the water, properties which help them stay on the applications and not to be removed, thus providing protection and reducing the wear rate.

In addition, the use of LE’s special fuel additives, Full Torque™ for diesel engines, as well as LX™ for gasoline engines, helps clean the fuel system, lubricating and protecting the oil pumps and the spray nozzles, as well as increasing the cetane number (Full Torque only), while preventing and eliminating the presence of microorganisms - fungus (Full Torque only) generally leads to keeping the engine clean and in seriously reduced fuel consumption.

For more information as well as to select the most suitable product for each application, you may contact the technical department of Hexagon Europe.
In addition, one of our company's lubrication expert may visit your plant/site, to check your needs and suggest the appropriate lubricant, to reduce maintenance & overall operating costs.
Our specialised, experienced technicians & engineers, will provide on-site training of your personnel who are working in lubricant and maintenance departments, for the proper use & implementation of Hexagon Europe oil analysis programmes, as well as to perform sampling, only a fraction of the services which we provide to our customers.

Since more than 30 years, Hexagon Europe is a leading dominant supplier of every heavy & light industry, power industry, marine and shipping corporation, construction company, vehicle fleets, food industry etc. in Greece, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Serbia, Romania, Northern Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, of:

  • Lubrication Engineers High Performance Lubricants
  • Lubrication Engineers High Performance Fuel Additives
  • Lubrication Engineers ARS Systems, such as
  • Xclude™ Breathers,
  • Xport™ Single Point Lubricators
  • Xpel™ Storage Containers
  • Xtact™ Oil Sight Glasses
  • Viper® Wire Rope Lubricators
  • Spillaway® Bioremediation Products
  • MAK Chem Chemical Products
  • Elix, waterless hand cleaning towels