Wire Rope Lubricator

Hexagon Europe is the official Viper WRL distributor in Greece and for the Greek Shipping Enterprises Globally. The Viper® WRL unit has been supplied to hundreds of Greek owned marine vessels and many industrial customers with outstanding performance results. Our technical team has helped marine and industrial maintenance engineers and their captains to upgrade the lubrication practices in their wire ropes. Additionally, the Australian based Viper® WRL works closely with our Greek team to provide all our customers with first class technical & sales support.

What is the Viper MK II Wire Rope Lubricator?

A tool to provide fast and effective cleaning and lubricating of wire ropes. Wire ropes from 6mm to 165mm in diameter can be greased at speeds up to 2,000 meters per hour. High strength cast aluminium collars are lightweight and along with carry handles ensure that the Viper WRL is easy for you to install as well as operate.


Viper Wrl
Viper Wrl

Financial benefits of using the VIPER WRL

  • Increases the life of wire rope assets by up to 300% versus manual lubrication methods
  • Reduces re-lubrication times of wire ropes from several days to several hours compared to manual lubrication

Health, safety & environmental benefits of the Viper WRL

  • All grease applied goes on the wire rope
  • Does not leak grease, meaning no mess
  • No wasted lubricant
  • Lightweight allows for safe & efficient application
  • No direct human contact with the lubricant
  • Wire ropes can be lubricated from a safe distance

Key components of the VIPER WRL

  • Viper Seals
  • Viper Scrapers
  • Viper Rope Cleaners

Viper WRL Variants

Viper MAXI MK II .
Superior Protection of Wire Ropes – 50mm to 165mm Fast and effective lubrication of wire ropes with a diameter between 50mm to 165mm. The Viper WRL MKII Maxi lubricates ropes at up to 2000mt/hour

Recommended Lubricants

Quantum® EAL 5353, a Hexagon Product

Quantum® EAL 5353 is a VGP compliant NLGI 1 grease specifically designed for wire rope lubrication. It provides adhesion to metal surfaces, it has a high dropping point and excellent water washout resistance as demonstrated in the ASTM D 1264 water washout test (2,7% loss). It is recommended as a premium wire rope lubricant suitable for marine and industrial applications. Quantum® 5353, is an Environmentally Acceptable Lubricant (EAL) according to the statutes and requirements of section 2.2.9 of the US EPA VGP (Vessel General Permit). It is an approved Viper WRL lubricant.


Almatek® 1235 a Lubrication Engineers product

Almatek® 1235 is a very tacky NLGI 1 lithium grease that adheres tenaciously on metal surfaces. It is very difficult to be washed off even when there is a lot of water pressure. It contains Almasol® Lubrication Engineers proprietary additive that reduces friction and wear. It is recommended when there is no need for an EAL grease and there are frequent immersion of ropes into water, particularly when there is strong water flow.


Viper Wire Rope Lubricators Brochure
vipereirerope brochure
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Tower Crane Application
Tower Crane Application
Mooring Rope Application
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Viper Mini WRL lubricating a tanker mooring wire rope

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Viper Mini WRL and wire ropes on bulk carrier cranes

Viper Mini WRL introduction

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Viper Mini WRL lubricating a port container crane wire rope

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Viper Mid lubricating a wire rope in a coal mine