Wind Turbines

The operation of wind turbines requires reliable lubrication maintenance because any repair is difficult and at a particularly high cost, due to the usually remote and inaccessible location of applications.

The combined use of Lubrication Engineers’ high performance gearbox lubricants with the integrated Hexagon Europe, HAP (Hexagon Analysis Program) lubricant (oil & grease monitoring) monitoring programme, upgrades the lubrication maintenance practices, significantly lengthens the lubrication and oil change intervals, whilst at the same time, it leads to an extension of the useful life of the equipment.

The Hexagon Europe Lubricant Wind Turbine Analysis programme places great emphasis on monitoring the particle load of oils, in investigating whether this is damage or contamination or oil degradation, with the aim of maximising the reliable operation of applications over long periods of time.

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Hexagon Europe's specialised lubrication technicians provide on-site support for maintenance departments, training in lubricant maintenance principles, training in the analysis programme and also assisting in sampling and testing.