Steel Industry

Steelworks are characterised by production lines which include equipment that operates under seriously extremely adverse conditions.

In the casting and rolling lines, as well as around the plant, there are mechanical applications, such as reducers, hydraulic systems, rotating lubrication points, etc., which are affected by water, very high temperatures, high pressures and loads, while at the same time the environment is burdened with dust & micro-particles from the production process.

Lubrication Engineers' lubricants, designed for very heavy industrial use, in combination with the integrated Hexagon Europe Oil Analysis Programme, (HAP) have proven that they effectively protect applications under these operating conditions and increase their useful operation time while reducing the overall cost of maintenance and operation.
Some of the characteristics that contribute to this performance are the direct separation of oils and greases from the water, the very high resistance to pressure and loads, high temperatures etc.
LE’s exclusive & proprietary additives which are used in every lubricant, improve their ability to adhere to metal surfaces and not to be removed from the application.

For more information as well as to select the most suitable product for each application, you may contact the technical department of Hexagon Europe.
In addition, one of our company's lubrication expert may visit your plant/site, to check your needs and suggest the appropriate lubricant, to reduce maintenance & overall operating costs.
Our specialised, experienced technicians & engineers, will provide on-site training of your personnel who are working in lubricant and maintenance departments, for the proper use & implementation of Hexagon Europe oil analysis programmes, as well as to perform sampling, only a fraction of the services which we provide to our customers.