Power Plants

The heart of the power plants "beats" in the operation of their turbines. Their reliable operation is extremely important for the efficient operation of the factory.
Hexagon Europe provides a comprehensive lubrication proposal that upgrades this very reliable function overall.

The first and most important part of the proposal is the use of the integrated Hexagon Europe Lubricant Analysis Programme, specially designed for power plants. The programme includes the combined use of the Lubrication Engineers Lubrication Turbine Analysis Programme and the experience of the Fluitec company, which Hexagon Europe represents.
Fluitec MPC & Ruller inspections, along with varnish dissolution enhancement products and special offline filter filtering units, lead to the removal of contaminants and deposits leading to the valve and bearing damage and significantly increase the useful life of the parts.

In addition, the use of Lubrication Engineers high-performance lubricants either for lubrication of turbines or for lubrication of gearboxes, hydraulic circuits, etc., combined with the use of the Hexagon Europe, HAP (Hexagon Analysis Programme) leads to a significant increase in oil change intervals and in lengthening the useful life of the equipment.

Hexagon Europe's specialised lubrication technicians provide on-site support for maintenance departments, training in lubricant maintenance principles, training in the analysis programme and also assisting in sampling and testing.