Other Industries

For many years, Hexagon Europe has been providing high-quality products and services to all sectors of the industry, large heavy industries, construction or technical companies, marine and shipping corporations, automotive and agricultural.

The complete line of oils and greases manufactured by Lubrication Engineers can cover any mechanical application, such as gearboxes, air compressors, hydraulic circuits, engine oils, transmission, bearing lubrication (from very high, to very low temperatures), cooling circuits as well as almost any other application.

Lubrication Engineers' high-performance lubricants are known for their very long service life, their ability to be directly and completely separated from water, to adhere to metal surfaces, reducing friction, their excellent resistance to high loads and their differentiation from conventional lubricants, mainly due to the special proprietary additives used and their properties.

In addition, the comprehensive Hexagon Europe Oil Analysis Programme, with tens of thousands of performed analysis reports, with extensive experience of almost any application, combined with the technical laboratory support from the technical department of Lubrication Engineers Inc USA, as well as all other expert laboratories who work with Hexagon Europe, provides a very high level of technical support to the technical maintenance departments of all the industry, with targeted proposals aimed to improve the reliability of the operation of production machinery and the overall reduction of maintenance and operation costs.

For more information as well as to select the most suitable product for each application, you may contact the technical department of Hexagon Europe.
In addition, one of our company's lubrication expert may visit your plant/site, to check your needs and suggest the appropriate lubricant, to reduce maintenance & overall operating costs.
Our specialised, experienced technicians & engineers, will provide on-site training of your personnel who are working in lubricant and maintenance departments, for the proper use & implementation of Hexagon Europe oil analysis programmes, as well as to perform sampling, only a fraction of the services which we provide to our customers.