The operating equipment in the construction-technical companies operates in heavy environments, with increased dust, frequent stops & starts, high loads, high or low temperatures. Increased wear rates of mechanical parts of engines, bearings, pins, chassis, etc., leading to unforeseen failures, increased maintenance and immobilisation costs and problems in the availability of equipment.

Lubrication Engineers high-performance lubricants manufactured for construction vehicle applications are distinguished by their ability to remain in applications for very long periods of time, significantly reducing stationery costs, maintenance costs and extending the useful life of the equipment.
The combination of using Lubrication Engineers' high-performance lubricants in engines, suspension, differential & hydraulic systems, together with Hexagon Europe's specialised and complete Hexagon Analysis Programme HAP, upgrades the lubrication maintenance of the equipment, from maintenance based to condition and direction based, reducing operating costs and total maintenance costs.
The use of the integrated series of Lubrication Engineers lubricants, which are distinguished for their ability to remain in all applications without the need for re-lubrication for very long periods of time, minimises damage to pins, clamps, U joints, bearings, etc. significantly reducing lubricant consumption, reducing the required number of greases to lubricate a variety of equipment and contribute in combination with LE lubricating oils to reduce maintenance and immobilisation costs.

For more information as well as to select the most suitable product for each application, you may contact the technical department of Hexagon Europe.
In addition, one of our company's lubrication expert may visit your plant/site, to check your needs and suggest the appropriate lubricant, to reduce maintenance & overall operating costs.
Our specialised, experienced technicians & engineers, will provide on-site training of your personnel who are working in lubricant and maintenance departments, for the proper use & implementation of Hexagon Europe oil analysis programmes, as well as to perform sampling, only a fraction of the services which we provide to our customers.