Cement Plants

Cement industries include in their production lines certain mechanical applications, which operate under adverse conditions, in environments with a lot of dust and high temperatures. They develop high loads, turns and are generally characterised by heavy use.

The recommended Lubrication Engineers high-performance lubricants for the cement industry, are designed to meet the heaviest & toughest situations.
With very high load carrying capacities, friction-reducing properties, very long lubricant life (much longer than conventional lubricants), which in combination with the use of the advanced Hexagon Europe, HAP (Hexagon Analysis Programme) for used lubricants and equipment drastically reduce maintenance costs as well as overall operating costs.

Lubrication Engineers’ product line for the cement industry also includes the famous Pyroshield® XH series for the lubrication of open gear systems, operating with a spray system.
Pyroshield® Open Gear Lubricants are distinguished for their extremely high viscosity base oil, its transparent operation, the ability to provide a very large reduction of lubricant consumption, but mainly for the excellent, unmatched protection of the gears that it provides.

In addition, Hexagon Europe's lubricant maintenance technicians, with their long field experience, provide high-level on-site support, monitoring, training, application auditing, conducting on-site inspections and sampling of oils and generally strengthening maintenance departments to reduce maintenance costs, as well as overall operating costs.