Aluminium & copper rolling industries

The aluminium & copper rolling industries are characterised by production lines which include equipment that operates under seriously adverse conditions.

In the casting and rolling lines, there are mechanical applications, such as reducers, hydraulic systems, rotating lubrication points, etc., which are affected by water, are subjected to very high temperatures, receive very high pressures and loads while the environment is dusty & micro-particles from the production process enter the equipment to be lubricated.

Lubrication Engineers' high-performance lubricants are designed for very heavy industrial use and in combination with the advanced Hexagon Europe Oil Analysis Programme (HAP) have proven, again and again, they effectively protect every equipment under these harsh operating conditions whilst increasing the useful operating time and reducing the overall maintenance and operating costs.

Some of the characteristics which contribute to this performance are the direct & immediate separation of oils from the water, the very high resistance to pressure and very high temperatures, the exclusive to LE, proprietary additives which are used in almost every LE product with their ability to adhere to metal surfaces and not being removed etc.