Agricultural Machines

Lubrication Engineers' enhanced lubricants for engines, transmissions, differentials, gearboxes, hydraulic systems and other heavily loaded systems, in combination with the use of Hexagon Europe specialised Oil Analysis Programme, (HAP), help upgrade the overall performance and maintenance of any agricultural machinery equipment.

They have excellent resistance to pressure and impact loads, reduce friction, offer very long lubricant service life between changes and provide immediate and complete separation from water, which are just some of the features of Lubrication Engineers lubricants.

In addition, the complete range of greases, of all degrees of consistency, for each type of application, speed and temperature, will reduce the wear rate and will significantly increase the estimated lifetime of the equipment, while reducing the overall operating costs.

As part of the company's technical support, Hexagon Europe technicians conduct on-site machinery/site inspections, oil sampling, and provide information on proper lubricant maintenance practices with a view to reducing the overall cost of maintaining and operating agricultural machinery.