Ports & Shipyards

In the modern world, ports are a hectic & busy environment. Cranes, vehicles and machinery operate 24/7. Reliability of equipment is extremely important. Any unscheduled downtime means  loss of production and extra, big costs.

Hexagon Europe provides a group of products and services that help the port maintenance departments, to upgrade their lubrication maintenance strategies and additionally help them to protect the environment with a complete Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EAL) range.

Container terminal cranes and all other crane types, have many kilometres of steel wire ropes, which need periodic lubrication.
Hexagon Europe recommends the use of the Viper WRL, Wire Rope Lubricator, which automatically cleans and lubricates all ropes at speeds up to 2.000 meters per hour.

Hexagon Europe’s experienced team of lubrication maintenance engineers will visit your port on site, help maintenance teams to improve machinery reliability, by implementing an upgraded oil analysis monitoring program, the use of single point lubricators in hard to reach areas, demonstrate the use of the Viper WRL, make recommendations regarding the proper storage & handling of lubricants, help to consolidate products and overall assist maintenance teams in any way they can to reduce maintenance, downtime and production costs.

Hexagon Europe has a vast experience in industrial vehicle fleet lubrication maintenance.
The combined use of Lubrication Engineers’ lubricants with the use of Hexagon Europe’s oil analysis program, “HAP” (Hexagon Analysis Programme) will extend relubrication intervals by several times compared to conventional oils, reducing downtime for services and repairs and improving productivity.

Hexagon Europe is a Green Award incentive provider.