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SulNOx® is a Greentech company which specialises in providing responsible solutions towards the decarbonisation of liquid hydrocarbon fuels.

Made from sustainable, biodegradable ingredients, SulNOx’s advanced fuel additives reduce the production of harmful, environmentally damaging emissions whilst also offering significant fuel and maintenance savings.
SulNOxEco™ Fuel Conditioner offers an immediate cost-saving and decarbonizing solution by increasing fuel efficiencies for diesel & marine diesel, MGO/MDO, biofuels, and ULSFO/VLSFO. It promotes improved engine health with lower exhaust, oil, and coolant temperatures, resulting in reduced emissions, improved fuel economy, improved combustion, and in some circumstances, greater power and torque output. The benefits of using SulNOxEco™ Fuel Conditioner include:

Cost Saving

• Reduced fuel consumption
• Reduced maintenance and potential downtime
• Reduced fuel storage costs and diesel bug growth prevention

Environmental Impact

• Reduced fossil fuel consumption resulting in reduced greenhouse gas emissions
• Decarbonisation – less smoke, soot, and harmful particulate matter (PMs) production
• Improved overall air quality (reduced PM10 > 50% and PM2.5 > 60%)

Engine Performance & Health

• Increased lubricity and reduced internal friction
• Increased preservation of engine and turbo life
• Increased power and torque output
• Reduced fouling of ignition, filters, and fuelling components
• Reduced contamination of engine oil
• Reduced exhaust, oil, and coolant temperatures
• Significantly reduced load on Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR), DPF, and AdBlue systems



Manufactured by the EcoVadis gold medal-winning Nouryon BV, fuels conditioned with SulNOxEco™ are certified by Bureau Veritas and Lloyds Register to comply with the following fuel specifications:

• Diesel – EN590, ASTM D975 & IS1460
• Petrol/Gasoline – EN228 (E5/E10), ASTM D4814 & IS2898
• Biofuels – EN16709 (B20/B30)
• MGO, MDO, and VLSFO (as certified by Lloyds Register)

Berol® 6446 allows the formation of a new, long-term stable, and homogenous emulsion that can be used directly as a cleaner burning, lower viscosity alternative to current HFO with numerous benefits including reduced engine temperatures and increased lubricity, resulting in optimized combustion. It has been shown to significantly improve the burn profile of HFO with added water and ultrasonic technology to enhance the mixing, reducing both emissions and Particulate Matter (PM) production.

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